SpeakingOfSuicide.com is a website for anyone touched in any way by suicide – people who think of suicide, people who have attempted suicide, people who have lost someone to suicide, and the professionals who help all of the above.

Although many of Speaking of Suicide‘s site’s posts are geared toward lay people, there is a section for mental health professionals who help individuals affected by suicidal urges or suicide loss. That section contains the following posts:

Language Matters: Committed Suicide vs. Completed Suicide vs. Died by Suicide

How to Navigate Confidentiality and Contact with Family After a Client’s Suicide

Wait, Who Is A Suicide Survivor Again?

“Woefully Inadequate”: Suicide Prevention Training in Graduate Schools

What is a Suicide Gesture?

Is Suicide Inevitable for Some People?

Should Therapists Attend the Funeral of a Client who Dies by Suicide?

“How Would You Listen to a Person on the Roof?”

Preventing Suicide Attempts in 4 Sessions: Is It Possible?

The Most Dangerous Time: Suicide After Discharge from a Psychiatric Hospital

Documentation: Do it Well, for the Client’s Sake and Yours

Involuntary Hospitalization: From Ally to Adversary?

Why Prevent Suicide? Here Are My Reasons.

Uncovering Suicidal Thoughts

The Use of No-Suicide Contracts

Are You Afraid that Asking about Suicidal Thoughts will Anger the Person?

Won’t People Spontaneously Disclose their Suicidal Thoughts?

Does Talking about Suicide Plant the Idea in the Person’s Mind?

Language about Suicide (Part 1): The Power of Words

Speaking of Suicide – A New Blog

HelpingTheSuicidalPerson.com is designed for psychotherapists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and other mental health professionals who help suicidal individuals, but SpeakingOfSuicide.com is my primary website. It has received 1.8 million visitors in the last four years, and it has 70 or so articles. I hope you’ll check it out sometime!

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